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Premium quality approach

People have different nutrients needs depending on their age, gender and personal situation. Our goal is to find solutions for most of them. This is why we have purposely created several product ranges, which have been designed to meet very specific needs. All those formulas have been carefully designed by a team of professionals in GMP pharmaceutical certified laboratories to deliver the most efficient results.

Premium ingredients

We put in a lot of attention to choosing the most qualitative ingredients because our goal is to provide efficient and safe formulas. Our main selection criteria: efficiency, stability, high bioavailability, scientifically proven effects, the most natural forms, innovation, no controversial ingredients, GMO-free, synergies between ingredients.

High bioavailability

In the market for dietary supplements, a “decent” nutrition plan does not necessarily mean the body will receive everything indicated. For optimal results, we must ensure that the nutrients are properly absorbed by the body. This is why we select the most bioavailable forms of each nutrient and add nutrients that further stimulate absorption. We also use the correct dosage of each active ingredient. In this way, we ensure that we have products with efficient results.

Complete formulas

Having complete formulas means that we select all the nutrients needed for each situation. This also means that we use the appropriate dosages of active ingredients and ensure synergies between the ingredients for optimal results. After defining the purpose of the formula, a team of pharmacists and scientists work together to best meet the objective of the formula.

GMP standards

All our production sites have the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) pharmaceutical standards accreditation which is a guarantee for high quality and safety. Each ingredient received is analysed to ensure its integrity. Quality checks are carried out throughout the entire production process, from the selection of the suppliers of the active substances to the approval of the end product.

Made in Europe

All our products are developed and produced in GMP pharmaceutical certified laboratories in Germany, France and Belgium. This ensures that highly qualitative and innovative products are at the forefront of what is best in the food supplement sector.

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