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  • Magnesium is an important mineral! Your child will find a good nervous and muscular balance. Deliciously flavored with orange.
  • Why?

    It helps to reduce fatigue, normal nervous function but also maintenance of bones and teeth. It intervenes in neurotransmission and muscular contraction including cardiac muscles. Magnesium also intervenes in the synthesis of proteins, electrolyte balance and energy metabolism. It promotes the maintenance of a normal muscular contraction for a good relaxation of the muscles. A deficiency of magnesium causes a state of fatigue nervous and muscular. Magnesium and vitamin B6 contribute to the balance of the nervous system.

    For who ?

    Recommended in case of fatigue or temporary stress as well as for sports children.


    To keep in a cool and dry place away from heat source. After opening, store in refrigerator (2 ° C – 8 ° C). To consume within 30 days.

    Precautions for use:

    Can not substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children.

    Usage tips:

    Shake well before use. Consume pure or with fruit juice. From 3 to 12 years 2 teaspoons (10ml) per day. Pregnancy and lactation: medical advice recommended. Excessive intake can have laxative effects.
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