About Fisher

FISHER is a Belgian company based in Brussels.
Through its own brands of Fisher Kinder, Fisher Flexan and Extra Happiness the company specialises in food supplements.

Fisher is a top quality producer of food supplements in different forms such as syrup, capsules, tablets and drops for its worldwide customer base.
Our body needs important nutrients to function properly. One can find all of the necessary nutrition in every day food, as long as we adopt a healthy and balanced diet, which is sometimes difficult to do due to our busy daily lives.   It is essential to eat fruits for their vitamins and minerals.  It is also important to eat cereals and foods with high starch content for their fibre and sugar properties. All of these foods should be eaten in sufficient quantity to meet the nutritional needs of the body.

To meet the needs of your body

Eating a balanced diet requires a lot of discipline and routine that not everyone has and this is where food supplements come into play.  They help to boost any temporary dietary deficiency before returning to a normal, healthy and balanced daily diet.
Tip: Food supplements cannot and should not replace meals but do as their name suggests, offer additional dietary nourishment to provide and feed our body’s needs.
Since good nutrition come hand in hand with good hygiene, Fisher has also developed a range of skin, body and hair care products.